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Super Bright LED Mini Clip-On Lights

Sellstrom's NEW LED Mini Lights are bright, compact and versatile.

Ideal for clamping to the temples of glasses, the brim of a hat or any other object to aid in illumination.  Can also be clamped on book as a reading lamp.

  • Batteries included. Packing comes in pair..
  •  Special universal coupling can adjust the ray to any direction.
  • Weight is only 9 grams (includes batteries).
  • Includes 4pcs of LR41 batteries that provide a typical battery life of 30-60 days based on intermittent usage.
  • 6-12 hours based on continuous usage.   
  • The most brilliant distance approximately 6-28 inches (15-70cm).
  • The farthest distance approximately 6-7 ft (200cm).
  • Product dimensions: 0.55" x 0.59" x 1.4" (14mm x 15mm x 36mm).
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CR39 Long Life Cover Plates

CR-39 Long Life Clear Cover Plate meets ANSI Z87.1 Standards.

Sizes Available : 2 " x 4 1/4" (100pcs per box)  & 4 1/2" x 5 1/4" (50pcs per box)

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6 Point suspension Slotted Hard Hats


Hard Hats are designed to protect the top of the head against falling objects and protect the side of the head, eyes and neck from impacts, bumps, scrapes and splashes. But hard hats can only offer protection when they are properly selected, worn and maintained. Safety professionals, along with project management, foremen and workers, will need to review job tasks and locations to determine if electrical contact hazards exist and to what extent. As well as analyzing the jobsite to detemine where head impacts may come from and choose that type of hard hat accordingly.

Sellstrom hard hats are the cap style version with a partial brim (like a baseball cap). They are made in the USA and were designed as a complete system where the shell and suspension work together. All Sellstrom hard hats are CE approved and meet ANSI Z89.1-2009 Standards for class G, E and C, Type I including Reverse Donning and Lower Temperature standards.

Type I reduces the force of impact to the top of the head. Class G (general) is designed to protect against contact with low voltage and is proof-tested to 2,200 volts. Class E (electrical) is designed to reduce danger of contact with high voltage sources and is proof-tested to 20,000 volts. Class C (conductive) offers no protection against contact with electrical conductors.

Sellstrom offers two suspension systems, ratchet and pin lock, for comfort and flexibility. Both suspension systems allow the hard hat to be worn backwards (brim to the rear). This is useful when the brim interfers with the lines of sight, use of other equipment or tools, or when workers just want to have "the look". Sellstrom hard hats and suspension have been tested and certified that the hard hat and suspension will provide adequate protection while being worn backwards. You are able to verify the reverse donning certification on any hard hat, including Sellstrom's, by seeing a double reverse arrow symbol after the ANSI Z89.1-2009 marking.

Pin lock suspensions are a type of suspension that attached to the users head with a locking mechanism. Rather like a man's belt. This is the most economical of the suspensions. Ratchet suspensions, which is a more popular choice, are a type of suspension with a quick ratchet adjusting knob. This loosens or tightens the hard hat "on the go" with a simple turn of the knob. The pin lock suspension must be removed to be adjusted.

Sellstrom offers several attachments and slot adapters to allow earmuffs, faceshields, visors and welding helmets to be worn simultaneously with hard hats.

·         Impact absorbing 6 point woven nylon suspension hard hats provide balanced, lightweight, comfortable protection

·         Rim performs as a rain gutter, channeling rain away from neck and face

·         Meets ANSI Z89.1-2009 Standards for class G, E and C, Type I including reverse donning and lower temperature

·         CE Approved

Custom Imprinting Available Customize your hard hat with a company logo or message. Pad printing available for front, sides and back of hard hats. Front imprint dimensions: 2" x 2". Side and back imprint dimensions: 2" x 3". Simply provide art in EPS or JPEG Format


Please view pdf for more details:
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