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Products - Sellstrom | Welding Curtains and Blankets
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Supervisory Welding Curtains


·         Three materials - 14 mil. Transparent Vinyl, 14 oz Solid Vinyl or 12 oz Duck

·         Transparent Vinyl colors — Orange, Yellow, Green, and Blue

·         Solid Vinyl colors — Yellow, Blue, Red, White and Frosted

·         Available in Duck for maximum glare reduction

·         Vinyl & Duck material resist tearing, cracking or shattering

·         Resistant to fire, water & mildew

·         May be used around arc, plasma, gas or other high amperage welding equipment

·         Brass grommets on corners

·         Provide greater illumination for welder

·         Frame constructed of 7/8" (2.22 cm) galvanized steel tubular pipe for stability and long life

·         Custom sizes available


       Warning: Curtains and Screens are not to be used as a replacement for a welding helmet or
       filter plate, but as transmission protection for casual observation. Meet CPA 1-84 and
       California Fire Marshall's requirements for flame resistance


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Portable Welding Screen



        Specially designed to allow a safer work environment for welding supervisor, co-worker and passerby. 
        Available in top grade heavy duty vinyl that absorbs dangerous ultraviolet radiation from high amperage
       welding arcs. Set- up in minutes.

·         Ideal for maintenance repairs and remote workplaces

·         Reinforced and Free Standing

·         Lightweight and Portable

·         D-rings on corners for tie down

·         Roll-up snap closure for quick and easy pack-up


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Welding Blanket

       High Temperature Fiberglass Welding Blanket

       5' x 6' heat resistant blanket that is used to protect workers, property and equipment from the
       dangers connected with welding, cutting, grinding, and other specialized manufacturing processes.
       Designed to be placed in the vicinity of a hot work operation. Intended for use in horizontal applications
       with light to moderate exposures such as that resulting from chipping, grinding, heat treating, sand
       blasting, and light horizontal welding.

       Strong, safe and chemical resistant. Maintains physical integrity and protects for excursion temperatures
       to 1000°F (540°C). Blue vinyl bag designed to protect blanket from exposure to harsh UV rays, chemicals,
       moisture, dust, salt air, insects, and temperature extremes.

·         Lightweight

·         East to maintain

·         Hemmed on all four sides with Kevlar® thread

·         Brass grommets on corners and 36" (91.44cm) center

·         Machine washable

·         1000°F (537°C) continuous service temperature

·         Available in a Blue Vinyl Bag


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